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Deal Advisory Calls

We provide tactical sales advice to non-sales founders and executives helping them close deals. If you haven't been required to sell at any time in your professional career, but are now called upon to help close deals, then we can help you.  Our objective is not to train you to be a sales professional.  We'd prefer to simply listen, provide advice/direction, and tactical steps to help you in your deal pursuits. 


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Deal advisory calls are only 30 minutes.


Peter has done several small and large projects for my old Victorian home on Grove Street. He’s always incredibly professional and accommodating. I know I can trust him to work diligently even when I’m away on vacation.
People have been complimenting my bathroom nonstop since Peter remodeled it three years ago. Everything’s still got that new sheen and the tilework is just awesome.
I’ve been hiring the Sweeneys since I first moved into my house over 70 years ago. They did my kitchen cabinets, fixed my drains, and even rewired the lights in my bedroom into a single switch! There’s nothing the Sweeney’s can’t do.
I had this toilet that always had a problem. Either it was a leak or a plug. It was always giving me a headache. I’d hired other plumbers in the neighborhood, but problems would always come back. Since Peter worked on it last year, it’s been working perfectly. I’m so grateful!



I love helping people achieve their goals. And I love learning about industries, business models, and structuring mutually beneficial deals.  My promise to you is I'll provide my complete attention during our conversation, I'll share the most salient points that will help move your deal forward, and I'll partner with you during this deal pursuit journey. I also promise to make this as enjoyable as possible for you. 



About Me

MY NAME IS jamail

I have more than 18 years of experience leading business development efforts, sales operations, including defining strategy and managing teams within consulting, telecom and utility industries. Most recently, before joining Uplift Data Partners to lead business development, I was the Chief Operating Officer at ONVI, Inc where I was tasked with helping lead ONVI's initial product launch and establish its operations. I was responsible for all aspects of the company's operations, including supply chain, finance, regulatory, and administration. Prior to ONVI, Jamail worked at Gartner Inc. where I tripled the contract value of a historically underperforming territory.

I have an MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management and a BS from Vanderbilt University, where I also played quarterback. 

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Why We Started DealTalk



Often people contact me when they have sales-related and/or business-related questions.  Many of these individuals have technical backgrounds (e.g. lawyer, technology developer, physician, consultant, finance professional, etc.) but now they've been required to sell. Typically this requirement was thrusted upon them as a result of a promotion (e.g. Managing Director or CEO) and now they have to "figure out this sales thing".  I would listen intently as they shared details of a specific deal scenario and then I asked questions and suggested tactical steps to move the deal to closure. The recipients found it extremely helpful and I enjoyed it so much that I thought I should offer my expertise to others.

And that's how DealTalk began...