Deal Prep

Prior to making first contact with your intended target, you must first prepare. Deal preparation includes everything from performing research to preparing 'talk tracks' based on what you'd like to accomplish during the first call or meeting.  Some topics we cover include: setting agendas, identifying what success looks like, research to uncover compelling information, how to engage and at what cadence, etc.


deal prep tools

The most efficient and successful deal makers that I know always work as efficiently as possible. They build systems around processes that yield stellar results. They also employ tools and templates to help with consistency and to keep them on track. I'm happy to share tools and templates relative to moving deals forward.



Deal Assessment

We'll leverage deal assessment frameworks so you can identify where you are in each deal. Knowing where we are in the deal process is priceless because it allows us to develop a plan to move the deal forward. Most people have no idea where they are in the deal process nor do they understand what levers to pull to move the deal forward.

Deal Tactics

Strategy is important, but the reason you're talking to us is because you want to know what you need to do in order to move a deal forward. Doing is tactical. And that's the focus of the majority of our advisory calls. We cover the tactics such as: warming up cold deals, primary contact is not responding, uncovering reasons the prospect wants to buy, and if they want to buy from you, identifying buyer psychology and buyer journeys, ow to tie buyer organization's objectives to your solution, etc.



Sales Readiness

There are times when you're emotionally ready to start a sales process and pursue deals, however you need to be ready to sell. Sales Readiness is implementing the infrastructure (tools) and processes (e.g. sales approach) that allow you to sell. Most important is creating the basic talk tracks you'll need to move through the deal process. Those talk tracks included your value proposition, elevator pitch, objection handling, etc. We can discuss these and work to prepare you to be ready to move the deal forward.